How To Increase Your Instagram Reach Rate

How To Increase Your Instagram Reach Rate

Do you know how to increase your Instagram Reach Rate? Every person who uses social media platforms like Instagram dreams of being famous. But they need to know the accurate way & the requirements of the path. They do a ton of postings on the platform but have yet to be successful. Here, you will learn how to increase your Instagram account reach. 

Before going further, firstly, we need to have an Instagram account. And need to fill in all the information. You can copy your Instagram bio from one of the best websites,, put it into your Instagram account, and download a unique or attractive DP photo to make your profile beautiful and unique. Furthermore, we will talk about the Instagram Reach rate and how to increase your Instagram account reach.

You can also download Instagram Pro APK, in which you will have more options as compared to the original one. You will get more features and more options that help to increase your Instagram reach rate.

What is Instagram Reach Rate? – 

To get the exact Instagram reach rate, you can use a simple formula like – the number of your total reach on your profile divided by your real followers & multiplied by 100. 

Total Reach / Total Followers *100

We can understand the term with an example – if you have 1000 followers & total reach on your post is 100, then your Instagram reach rate is 10%.

Instagram reach rate is different for different posts. IG stories have the lowest reach rate, while Instagram reels have the highest reach rate for an account & it is calculated with equal followers.

What is Good Instagram Reach? – 

To calculate the good Instagram reach, you should analyze the account type & post type. It is a story, reel, or feed, and the reach rate differs for every kind of post & account.

Some calculations show that the reach rate on Instagram reels is always higher than the other post types and will be more than 50%.

How to increase the Instagram Reach Rate –

To get ideas for increasing your IG reach rate, keep some points in mind while posting & editing your accounts. So follow the same rules & it will help you to get a good reach. 

Instagram algorithms update frequently, so even following proper strategy, some accounts’ reach rate takes time to get updated while others will get popular quickly. So, always be patient while working on Instagram or other social media.

Find the Best Posting Time – 

In the journey, the first step is Posting time, which is very important. As we know, the social media platform ranking works on algorithms, and new changes keep coming in the algorithms. 

So, determine the correct posting time for your account, which will help you get a good organic reach on your profile.

To calculate the correct & suitable time for posting, you should analyze the tool. But the insights are available in only a business account, where you will get the time when the audience is active. Similarly, for a personal account, you should note the calculation on any Online Notepad, like what time the engagement rate is high.

Post User Created Contents – 

Some experienced persons suggest posting user-generated content & which is most trustful from the audience’s point of view. Some users used to create AI tools & resulting in less engagement. However, creating user-generated content is easy, and your chances of reaching more people through your profile will increase.

Creative posts such as discounts on products and good reviews using ideation posts help you to come up.

Post Stories – 

Posting stories on Instagram profile is also a good option. Because they are shown on the top of the feed & so the follower can see that. Using popular stories might be positive for Instagram algorithms. These stories will last for hours & it will be saved & pinned to your profile.

So, the best way to increase your Instagram reach rate is to care for your existing audiences through stories. So post more stories & more engagement.

Attractive Profile – 

Your social media profile should be attractive to increase its engagement rate. For a business account, you should use a profile picture relevant to your business & for a personal account or influencer account, it should be of good quality. With a good profile picture, you can Ig-bio on your profile. A good bio leads to a reasonable engagement rate of the audience.

Besides this, keep updating your profile frequently, like changing the profile picture & Instagram Bio. The Instagram algorithm will prioritize your account to get a bump-up count of your account as real & active.

Advertisement –

If you are on a business account for services or products, you should take the help of an advertisement. The advertisement cost on IG is too high, but you can use them with tricky & at less expense and with good organic traffic.

Observe your audience and use target marketing to utilize your ad budget reasonably.

Over Persist – 

Avoid over-persisting with your post quantity & fill your wall with 5-10 posts daily. If you have posted many positions, it tends to have a low reach rate. It will also impact common comments and likes, imposing a lousy signal for Instagram.

Always post less, but best is good for Instagram health; it will make your Instagram clean and look suitable for your audience.

Caption & Hashtags – 

Your post should have proper hashtags and Keywords relevant to your post. So, choose the most widely searched keywords for your post & popular hashtags. Make sure to use an appropriate & limited number of captions & hashtags.

Collaborations – 

Collaboration is also an excellent way to boost your Instagram reach rate & engagement rate. The logic behind this is you will get a new audience through the collaboration. Besides this, you will find new ideas to make your post more attractive & targeted while working with influencers.

Conclusion –

As we all know, social media platforms have their power currently. So, Instagram is the best option to reach your target audience or connect with new people. Instead of identifying your audience, you should start posting using the above points in your mind, which will enhance your engagement rate.

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