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New Features On Instagram

What New Features on Instagram in 2023

Warm welcome on our Ig-bio website, everyone  is increasing their features on social media, no matter whether for security purposes they are updating, or use purposes. On that page, we will discuss the new features on Instagram and how you can use them. Generally, we use them to connect with someone quickly, and you can chat with them, but what other features can you find on Instagram? In that blog, you will learn new features of Instagram in 2023.

Welcome to the world of social media, where everyone uses many social media and social media applications because not every social media has its own application. But the point is which social media app we should use. The youth prefers the Instagram app due to its advanced features and options like creating videos, offering to earn money, etc. In this blog, we can discuss new features on Instagram in 2023.

On every social media app, you can update your bio and create profile photos in limited words. But on Instagram, you can edit your biography with the Stylish Bio. Where do you copy stylish bio for your Instagram bio profile? Ig-bio is a website with a unique Instagram VIP bio or Stylish bio available, which you can easily copy.

Do you know why Instagram became famous? In Instagram, the reel option is the best feature for content creators or social media influencers. Let’s begin with the topic of new features on Instagram before we share some short stories about Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is the most downloadable social media app among WhatsApp and Twitter. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown from a simple photo-sharing app into a large social media platform with lots of features for users. And what new features on Instagram were added recently? In that blog, we will discuss the new features on Instagram. You can also use or learn about Instagram Pro, in which you will get more features or security options compared to the original one. Before downloading Instagram Pro, you can read or learn about it.

On Instagram, you can update your profile photo, which makes a first impression whenever anyone follows you. So, it all depends on you which trending photos, like A name photo, R name Images, etc. from the website. You can permanently activate your account on Instagram through any status posting or others. In this blog, first, we discuss what new features or options are available on Instagram in 2023 that may help you and make your life much easier. Finally, we should also describe what standard features are available on Instagram, which you show on the left side of the app. 

What New Features on Instagram Are Helpful in 2023?

We all use the Instagram app for personal or professional purposes. However, we are unaware of what new features on Instagram you will get after the update of this application and we recommend to download the update. This blog is helpful to give information about what new features are available now on Instagram. Let’s start to talk about new features on Instagram in brief, which are as follows:-

Introduce AI Stickers:-

A new Instagram feature is available when you can update your Instagram app. This AI-based feature allows you to create custom stickers using AI technology. You think creating custom stickers is complicated and challenging, but you’re mistaken. That’s the new features on Instagram is available to use while chatting or creating Instagram stories.

In this feature, you can’t do anything much more. You type whatever type of sticker you need. The AI will help to generate many stickers for you, and you can choose your favorite stickers and paste them wherever you want.

Zoom In on Instagram Profile Pictures:-

It is the second new feature that will come in 2023, in which you can zoom in on any Instagram profile pictures, which is so good. Previously, anyone could upload a small profile photo and then couldn’t see it by any followers due to the option of zooming in on Instagram profile pictures. But now, the developers of Instagram have brought out this zoom-in feature on Instagram profile pictures. That’s the other new features on Instagram are available to use.

Share location on Instagram:-

Previously, if you wanted to share your location through the Instagram app, then it wasn’t possible on this app. So, users shift to another app, like WhatsApp, to share their live location. It is just like a disadvantage for the company and also loses the users who use this app. But now, anyone doesn’t need to shift to another social media app.

You can also share your live location through the Instagram app using Google Maps. It will help when we get lost anywhere, and if you want to share your live location, you can share your live location on this app.

Multiple links in Bio update:-

Previously, you could add only one link in the bio update. So, you can’t add more links about your business. To add more links to your Instagram account, you need to create more accounts because you add only a link in the bio update.

But now, you can also add multiple links in the bio update. It is generally helpful in a business account where you must add more links in a single account. So, now, this feature is available on Instagram, which allows users to add multiple links.

Why is Instagram Best Among Other Social Media Apps?

Whenever we talk about which app is best, then in our mind, the question arises: What features make it so unique? Let’s discuss some standard features that make it popular among other social media apps. And these new features on Instagram will attract to use Instagram. The parts are as follows:-

Explore Feature:-

On Instagram, a feature exists to explore the other account holder’s reels or photos. In this feature, the reels or pictures of other account holders should be suggested where you can follow others and send friend requests to that one.


In this feature, you have the option to search for your favorite social media influencer or social media content creator. You can also search for famous persons who gained more popularity among the audience. So, it is this app’s best feature, making it preferred among other social media apps.

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