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Style of Bio For Social Media

You want to use a different style of Bio in social media profiles, but how? When we create our profiles on social media, they often ask for a Bio, which means a short about yourself, where you can put your thoughts or promotional text or many other things. It will define your profile, whether it is personal or professional.

If it is personal, in that case, it will describe your attitude or, in other words, can say your mental state like you love friends, Sad, Broken, or funny. There are more styles of Bio available to copy from various sources. Among many sources, Ig-bio is the best website from where you can copy your VIP bio to edit on your Instagram account. We will talk more about the style of Bio.

So, choose your Bio wisely because it defines yourself. When you are going to write a Bio for your social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram, there are too many common things you need to keep in mind. You can categorize Bios into many types, such as Bios for Friends, For Love, Broken Heart, VIP Bio, Commercial Bio, and many others. Let’s talk about them & learn more about the Bio.

You can create stylish bios for your profiles. To create a stylish bio, you need to use Fancy Font, which is free to use and doesn’t require to install on your computer. They work widely, and you can Generate Fancy Fonts quickly. If we talk about the types of Bio, you can Shayari in your Bio. If you have an attitude nature or want to show your attitude towards anyone, then you can use Instagram Attitude Shayari which you can copy from our website ( in your Instagram profile. Let’s talk about the style of Bio deeply.

Styles of Bio –

As said above, you can classify your social media bio. So, let’s know more about all the styles of bios.

VIP Bio – A Style of Bio –

VIP bio is unique to other bios, full of creativity & without using alphabets. Special characters and emojis generally create these bios with a good-looking design. Designs are too common, but the creative part is created using special characters, such as a boy with a hat, created by unique characters & emojis. These bios are eye-catching & looked awesome when we saw them on the profile. If you want to update that style of bio in your Facebook account, you can copy Facebook VIP Bio.

Bio For Friends – A Style of Bio –

That is a top-notch style of Bio if we talk about social media. Friends’ Bio means the Bio which describes the importance of friends in your life. After the family, only one relation in life remains together, but you should have a good friend. Bollywood also makes many movies on Friendship. If you will write a bio for your friend, you’ll be the perfect friend.

A true friendship is called when others take the oath of your Friendship. It is not compulsory if the Friendship is between two boys or two girls. It might be between one boy & one girl. So you can write the status for your naughty boy or crazy girl—that style of Bio you can use for your besties.

e.g., “I bought a tag for you With My Best Friend’s words.”

Bio For Couples –

Are you married or have a partner in your life whom you love a lot, then that style of Bio into your Instagram or other social media sites? Social media is for showing off & this generation is mad for Love. So, everyone in the new generation wants to be committed & show their status as committed. So they always used loveable lines or Shayari in the Bio. These bios are filled with love words with a touch of love emojis to make the Bio unique & cuter. Nowadays, couples keep the same Bio on their social media profiles, which is trendy.

When you want to express your emotions toward your partner, you can also use Bio for Couples. Love bio or Couple bio are both the same, mostly in the form of Shayari & quotes, but the Bio looks complete with love emojis. That style of bio, you can use to impress your partner by updating the bio on your social media sites.

e.g. “Soulmate💑made by two words💖, You & Me💞”

Bio For Broken Heart –

Your partner has left you without any reason; you can update your Bio with that style. Betrayal is in the nature of Love & when someone breaks, they don’t want to talk to others as well. So, they have only the option to express their emotions on social media walls. They want to show their sadness to their partners & deliberately write sad Bio. In that case, you use broken heart Shayari, loneliness, or sad quotes with some broken emojis on their Bio. The Bio is filled with emotional & sorrowful words, which show your sad & in pain mental state.

e.g. “Broke from Tip to Toe😥😥, Want to let you know💔”

Bio For Attitude –

Attitude bio is also in trend; as you can see, people want to show their attitude in their nature. This attitude bio might be positive, negative, or arrogant, but a Bio with a positive attitude is good to write. A positive Attitude bio may be motivational and inspirational. You can use Shayari in your Bio, and that style of Bio is helpful to show your attitude in a few words. Here you can see the exam.

e.g. “💯 Bad Munda 👦

🎂Wish Me On 25th August🎂 


💀☠Bad Boy☠💀 

😎I Hate Girls😎 

💪Gym LøVèr


Commercial Bio –

That style of Bio you can use for commercial purposes. Have you recently started a business or become an influencer? You can use that style of Bio in your account. All the social media networks have Business Accounts. Instagram or Facebook is the largest platform, and you can create business accounts. So, the Bio for these should differ from the normal profile bio. These bios always contain links or promotional messages for a brand or shop. Font used in this Bio is always simple, like Arial Font or Times New Roman Font, to maintain the professionalism of the account.

Commercial Bio is always targeted to a brand or a local business. Sometimes, there is also contact information mentioned, like a website or phone number. But you can also choose a different bio for your business profile.

Conclusion –

Social media profiles are all about gathering an audience. Whether you are on a personal profile or a business profile, all users want followers. A perfect bio on your wall can help you to get maximum followers, but it will work only for personal accounts. For business profiles, a good bio helps to show the legitimacy of your social media account.

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