types of Instagram videos

Types of Instagram Videos

We all know about Instagram, but do you know the types of Instagram videos you can upload or create through Instagram? Also, in that blog, we will discuss how to create them. Generally, we all watch reels, short videos, or Posts on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. These are entertaining & knowledgeable as well as help you to expand your social reach. Nowadays, people create videos to earn money as well. Social media like Facebook & YouTube will pay you cash after a specific qualification. 

You can create your videos and upload them, too. You can make money by uploading videos on Instagram, but you must find your niche first. And then, you need to create an account on Instagram by filling in all the information. You can copy from Ig-bio to fill a Classy Instagram Bio into your bio section to make it a unique profile. You can download different Instagram DP images from mastdp.com to make your profile stylish. Now, you are ready to move into the next step, which is to upload different types of Instagram Videos on your profile.

So, there are various reasons to create & upload videos on social media platforms. You must be creative to develop videos for maximum views & it is only possible if you have something unique. Before making a video memorable, we need to understand what Reels is.

What are Instagram Videos?

The reel content was started by TikTok & after a successful startup, other social media platforms grabbed the feature for their platform. So, the origin of the reels is TikTok, but due to some privacy issues, it has been banned in India from downloading from the Google Play Store. 

Videos posted before 2022 are still in their original format, but the after 2022 published videos will be under the reels. Besides this, the video can be uploaded through various types like Reels, Stories, or Live. You should know your types of Instagram videos, like for what & topic you are creating. Also, see the size & aspect ratio of the video to publish on Instagram correctly. 

It would be best if you learned about the types of Instagram videos that you can upload to your profile to make money. Generally, we watch videos on Instagram but don’t know how to make money with Instagram. We are discussing the types of Instagram videos that help to make money online.

How to create Instagram Videos?

To create an Instagram video, you need to have an account on Instagram because there are many styles available to create videos, or else you can use different types of free video applications like CapCut, Inshot, and many more. These applications will help you to create videos, which you can upload on Instagram or other video platforms to make money. We will talk further about what types of Instagram videos you can upload.

Generally, people are using reel types of Instagram videos to upload over Instagram, and for more about the types of Instagram Videos, we will talk further.

Types of Instagram Videos – 

Did you ever hear about the types of Instagram videos that help to make money with Instagram? Yes, you can upload a video over Instagram with a few different styles or ways. In this blog, we will describe more about the types of Instagram Videos.

Reels – 

As we know, the mother of the reels is TikTok & when the popularity gained by TikTok, it was adopted by Instagram as well. The beginning length of the video was only 15 seconds, but it was now pushed up to 90 seconds.

You can use the inbuilt tools of Instagram with various filters, modes & controls to create videos. Otherwise, complete your videos through your phone without using Instagram & edit them with free editing tools like Alight Motion APKThese tools have unlimited editing features to make your video a spark. The size of the video must be 9:16 to display proper footage of your video. Also, you can add any trendy songs to the video.

You can use trendy content to reach a new audience by using the option to add your hashtag #, Caption & tags to get more reach. That’s the trendy types of Instagram Videos you can upload on IG.

Stories – 

It Is just like the WhatsApp status, which will disappear after 24 hours. Likewise, the stories posted will disappear within 24 hours from your account, & the size of the video is 60 seconds. But if you still have more video than it, you can break it into parts & post. These types of Instagram videos will be available for a day like WhatsApp Status.

To create an IG Story, right-swipe your home page & the sign will suggest you make the Story. The IG story videos section also has the same features as filters, emojis, or other tools on Instagram. You can also select the video from your phone file manager. 

Now, a day new update will allow you to keep your stories for a long time instead of 24 hours; you select the video in highlights. It will stick on your wall for a long until you cannot remove it. These videos are primarily created for simple or informal content for day-to-day events or news. This will help you to engage with your followers & to create genuineness.

Live – 

We have all heard about Instagram Live, where you can show your live video to your Instagram followers. You need to start a live broadcast by swiping the right home screen. Whenever your account is on Live Stream, your followers can see your live stream notification on their IG home screen near the stories. 

The live stream will be up to 4 hours & once it is finished, the video will automatically save to broadcasting for 30 days. You can also note the viewers count while live & read the messages of the sender on your live videos. This is mainly used to interact with your followers in real time with your live video.

IG Feed Videos –

Videos posted in the feed can be long, from 3 seconds to 60 minutes, with a preview of 15 seconds. But this is only for personal accounts, meaning if you post an advertisement, it will be strictly 15 seconds. These types of Instagram videos are helpful for long-term video creators like educational content as well as for any brand awareness, but make sure the videos will be like regular videos, not an Ad.

The aspect ratio of the video should be 1.91:6 to 9:16 is supported, but the most suitable size is 4:5.

Conclusion –

Videos on top-notch social media platforms like Instagram not only help you in marketing but also help you to civilize your brand & engage your audience. Here, you will get your desired audience for brand awareness. 

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